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We have stumbled across this marathon 9 hour relaxing music video on youtube. Not if anybody has managed to sit through the full 9 hours yet but the music is very pretty and is probably very good for meditation and the likes..Any way  here it is..enjoy

Sleep Music

In todays hectic and stressful times many of us find it difficult to get the rest we deserve and the suffient sleep that we ned to fully function! There are lots of sifferent sleep aids out ther (including counting sheep) but you cant beat the old fashioned all time classics such as a lullaby, or for grown ups, some relaxing peace music. If you are having difficulties getting any ZZzzzzzzz try listening to this hour of peaceful sleep music below to see if it helps you drift off ­čÖé

Guided meditations are a great way to begin meditation or even for use as advanced meditation techniques.  Listening to the calm and guiding instructions helps fascilitate moving deeply inwards and focusing on the words helps to deter the mind from any distractuions and help concentrate on the theme of the meditation.

This youtube channel features a number of themed guided meditations chaneled from various goddess sources and helping to deal with emotional, healing and other issues. They are narrated over some relaxing new age music which again helps to set a landscape and the right conditions for a focussed and rewarding meditation.









Youtube is a great resource for free stuff these days so if you are after some meditation music

for your reflections or yoga then this video has over three hours woth of music. Enough for many meditations ­čÖé

Check out this video which has three hours of non stop relaxation music which is great to have on in the background if you are doing yoga or meditation. Whats more.. this relaxing  music is free

Here a site that sells new age music but only on Eco Friendly cd. That is to say, the packaging is all 100% recycled and they use vegetable inks for the printing.

A pretty cool way to sell music and maybe more should sit up and take notice.

If you run your own yoga or meditation class and use music in the background, you may not be aware that you actually need to buy a license that allows you to play music in the background which means that basically you dont have to have a license to pay it and so you are not liable to a fine if you get caught!

A way round this is to buy royalty free meditation music

If you are interested in producing your own meditation cd then this music for meditations website may be of interest. They way it works is that you record your meditation, then send it to these guys who add the music to your voice then you have your own meditation cd with music.

Get music made for your own guided meditations.

Deva Premal

One of my favourite mediation music artists is the german performer Deva Pemal.

Deva takes the ancient mantra and blends it with contemporary  new age music and rhythms to make uplifting, inspirational music.

She has sold thousands of records over the years and has collaborated with other other artists. I would recommend buying some of her music

Check out this online New Age Shop selling Yoga Music mp3 downloads as well as as mp3 downloads for cosmic ordering, chakra healing, yoga, hypnosis and more. There are also some guided meditations available. Really great site which means no waiting or shipping just instant mp3.

If you are interested in New Age spirituality then you should check this website out. It has the history of the new age music as well as great links to other new age sites like this new age directory. Buy mp3 downloads of new age music too!

More yoga music including Deva Premal Stan Richardson and Riley Lee is available from this website.

Riley Lee and Stan Richardson are standout musicians and well worth checking out.